Stalker Panda disapproves of your diet soda habit.
A handy guide for those who are unclear on the proper procedures.
Speaking of shameless plugs, there are two more weekends to see me and a bunch of other talented actors in Craig Lucas' dark comedy Reckless  at The Footlight Club in Jamiaca Plain!
This is what you get when you ask a four-year-old the names of Santa's reindeer.  Merry Christmas!
Elizabeth heard scuffling under the fridge.  Probably mice...but could be goats.
Elizabeth got to dress up for work on Halloween.  Everyone in costume was invited to the conference room for a group photo.  The photo location was then changed; Elizabeth did not get the memo.
Jenn Bean can't figure out what to pack for a trip to Europe, so she wraps herself in every scarf she owns. 
I dreamed I was Melissa McCarthy.  I was at a wedding inside some kind of large circular paddock with high walls.  And I was being gently forced to dance with a man who was very self-conscious about his artificial hip.
The breeze whooshing up from the subway.  Not nearly as sexy as Marilyn Monroe would have us believe.