I dreamed I was Melissa McCarthy.  I was at a wedding inside some kind of large circular paddock with high walls.  And I was being gently forced to dance with a man who was very self-conscious about his artificial hip.
Dreamed by Amanda:  
"I am in some random suburb to see a show (for some reason, I think it's Chelmsford) and I have to catch a bus back to town, but I left my T pass at home. I also have no cash. There's an ATM across the parking lot, so I start walking toward it and a racoon runs in front of me. I yell at it to go away and it hisses at me, runs behind me and climbs up on my back. I manage to get a hold of one of its clawed arms that is stretched out to my right side and fling it off. It comes running back. Somehow I get it off of me again using the same method and get on a bus. When I get home and tell Gordon, he doesn't think it's that big of a deal. I'm incredulous. A RACOON CLIMBED ON ME AND ATTACKED ME WITH ITS SHARP CLAW HANDS. Gordon: "meh." "
Dreamed by Christian.  He and Warren Beatty tried to take Sue out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate her birthday, but ended up at the mall instead. 
Dreamed by Maureen.  The Dalai Lama was showing her around his apartment while playing the keyboard.
Dreamed by Gordon.  His father forced him to mix mustard and peanut butter together.
Dreamed by Christian.  He got trapped in the mall, but at least the exit instructions were very clear.
Kim's dream, in which she, Elizabeth and I were auditioning for Singin' in the Rain, when we got distracted by a cute sloth in the audience.  
A mashup of Indiana Jones and Han Solo, requested by friend Gordon.  Friend Maureen added that she'd like him to be battling one of her dream creatures.  
A dream belonging to someone I've never met, relayed through Elizabeth.  Every time Jim tried to speak, feathers came pouring out instead.
Shannon dreamed that she met Timothy Hutton, who had a kitten wearing a tiny business suit.  Shannon wanted to help the kitten, so she took off its suit.  At first, Timothy Hutton was angry at Shannon for undressing his kitten, but when he saw how much happier the kitten was, he relented.