For all those Leos and Virgos in my life whose birthdays pile up on each other.  Happy day to you all!
A special request from friend Gordon.

Stalker Panda disapproves of your diet soda habit.
A handy guide for those who are unclear on the proper procedures.
Speaking of shameless plugs, there are two more weekends to see me and a bunch of other talented actors in Craig Lucas' dark comedy Reckless  at The Footlight Club in Jamiaca Plain!
Here is the Hulk as your office manager.  She's not supposed to wear denim to the office, but she totally does it all the time, and nobody's going to say anything to her.  She's four months pregnant, and Oh God, the hormones... you never know what's going to make her snap.  Besides, she's been here a long time, and nobody else would be able to do her job if she left.  Why would she file the requisition forms under "N" for "Neediness?"
Here is Supergirl as your office receptionist.  I think she got the job because her cousin pulled some strings.  What, you need those reports faxed yesterday?  She'll go fetch those from your mailbox and send them right now.  Whoosh!  Off she goes!
This is what Wonder Woman would look like if she were your boss.  And she would not be happy that you're requesting extra vacation days.
Muffin Top knows she looks good.
Lonely Sock loves it when telemarketers call him at home.  Telemarketers find it awkward.