Jenn Bean has a secret advantage in the world of fairy tales.

Jenn Bean can't figure out what to pack for a trip to Europe, so she wraps herself in every scarf she owns. 
The breeze whooshing up from the subway.  Not nearly as sexy as Marilyn Monroe would have us believe.
Kim's dream, in which she, Elizabeth and I were auditioning for Singin' in the Rain, when we got distracted by a cute sloth in the audience.  
I am interviewed on the street for my keen fashion sense.
This was the sign I made to help guests find our wedding.  I'm a Sadie!
It would help me out a lot if Valium came in a spray can.
And the gods said, "Thou shalt have either the soup or the sandwich, but both the soup and the sandwich thou shalt not have. For to have both the soup and the sandwich is excessive and a blasphemy to the gods. Fatty."