This is what you get when you ask a four-year-old the names of Santa's reindeer.  Merry Christmas!
Elizabeth heard scuffling under the fridge.  Probably mice...but could be goats.
Elizabeth got to dress up for work on Halloween.  Everyone in costume was invited to the conference room for a group photo.  The photo location was then changed; Elizabeth did not get the memo.
The breeze whooshing up from the subway.  Not nearly as sexy as Marilyn Monroe would have us believe.
My dad was trapped at work for three days during the blizzard of '78.  Day One, the cafeteria still had food.  Day Two, they raided the vending machines.  Day Three, someone heard of a diner that was open, and they all trekked out in the snow to eat breakfast.
I am interviewed on the street for my keen fashion sense.
My sister Elizabeth lives in a condo with two other apartments.  One night, one of her neighbors left their front door ajar.  Deep in the wee smalls of the morning, Elizabeth was awakened by the sound of an invader in the apartment: their cat, who had escaped and found its way through Elizabeth's front door.  Elizabeth has a cat of her own, who was understandably distressed, and began hissing and spitting to demonstrate his displeasure.  Invader Cat somehow clawed his way up to the top of the doorway and tried to attack Elizabeth, who fought it off with a yoga mat.  
Fran experienced a train ride full of colorful characters.  There was a man rhythmically slapping a newspaper for the whole ride, a transvestite applying nail polish, and an older gentleman passing out Jesus leaflets.
Some people have to clean leaves and branches out of their yard after a storm.  Ginny had to clean up lawnmowers.