A special request from Rich.  Sometimes I worry about him.
Catherine dreamed she came around the corner to find a baby elephant sleeping in a Volkswagon.
A mashup of Han Solo, Jon Hamm, and Smuckers.  Requested by friend Gordon.
Shannon dreamed that a tiny Asian girl stole one of her giant office desks and ran away with it, with Shannon chasing her through Harvard Square.
Requested by Gordon and Amanda.
Friend Janine dreamed that she and her husband were sitting in the back of their car while teaching their daughter to drive.  They were pulled over by a lady cop (played in the dream by my sister Elizabeth), who told them they couldn't drive around like that, a licensed driver had to be in the front seat.  And then Ladycop offered them corn on the cob.  
Don't judge me, this was a special request by Kristopher and Rich.