Brian dreamed that he and Hugh attended a Katy Perry concert, but nobody else was there, so she sang just for them.  Partway through, they got bored and tried to leave, and she got really mad at them.  
Dreamed by a friend of Fran's.  She was expecting visitors, but they arrived early, so she was still in her pajamas.  When she went into the yard to fire up the barbecue, two sheep with very large teeth appeared and began attacking her by biting her bum.  
Kim dreamed that she and Flava-Flav were studying geometry together.
Requested by Christian.
Elizabeth's coworker doesn't quite understand why Bill isn't waving back.  
My friend Dan dreamed that he, his wife, and their friend were all standing on top of the Natick Collection while Singing "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.  As they reached the final notes, they all joined hands and plummeted over the edge.  Dan did not go willingly.