Dreamed by Amanda:  
"I am in some random suburb to see a show (for some reason, I think it's Chelmsford) and I have to catch a bus back to town, but I left my T pass at home. I also have no cash. There's an ATM across the parking lot, so I start walking toward it and a racoon runs in front of me. I yell at it to go away and it hisses at me, runs behind me and climbs up on my back. I manage to get a hold of one of its clawed arms that is stretched out to my right side and fling it off. It comes running back. Somehow I get it off of me again using the same method and get on a bus. When I get home and tell Gordon, he doesn't think it's that big of a deal. I'm incredulous. A RACOON CLIMBED ON ME AND ATTACKED ME WITH ITS SHARP CLAW HANDS. Gordon: "meh." "
Dreamed by Christian.  He and Warren Beatty tried to take Sue out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate her birthday, but ended up at the mall instead. 
Muffin Top knows she looks good.