An image request from my sister Cathy.
Welcome to my first picture blog post!  I needed a place to put all my drawings and stuff.  So now I have a blog.  Neat.  
There will be a lot of initial posts, as I dump my backlog of pictures on here.  I'll try to post only one picture on any given day, so as to make it easier for anyone trying to locate a particular image.  
The drawing above is a self-portrait.  It seemed appropriate to introduce you to me before I introduce you to my drawings.  This image is much more literal than most of the things you'll see on here, it's a paint-by numbers experiment based on a photo.  It's also pretty flattering; this was me on a good day.  Except that I had already been in two car accidents that day by the time this photo was taken.  That part was bad.  But my hair looked great.